Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Emma Bear

Emma is our first Newf, and purebred dog. She will probably be a rather petite Newf as she currently weighs 79lbs at 1 year. Emma is also what is termed as a "dry mouth". This, in my opinion, means that compared to other Newfs she does not drool much BUT compaired to a Lab, Golden, German Shepherd, poodle, etc. would drool a lot. Drool is not the only thing to think about however. Unlike Zeke, Emma is the only one who can manage to drip water, the whole 10 or more feet, from the water bowl in the entryway, up the stairs, and onto my floor at the top. Leaving a nice puddle to cool my feet in. :)
All in all, Newfs are awesome dogs. I love so many things about them. I think my top two are their calmness and their love of children (oh and their fuzzy hair!).
Emma at 1yr has a, more puppyish, energy similar to my 8yr old Zeke. This has been very nice. She also doesn't change moods as much as Zeke. This is also SUPER nice, as it makes taking her places easier.
Emma's connection with small children just rocks! At 8wks old She was introduced to a 4-5month old baby (with supervision). Instead of getting all excited, and playfully nipping, She calmed down around the baby and some how knew to only kiss!
There was another time when she met a 4-5yr old girl who was unsure of her. This little girl would only attempt to pet Emma if Emma was sitting perfectly still. So that's just what Emma did. She was 4 months at the time.
There are other stories but it will suffice to say that with children, Emma has exceeded my expectations.

We got Emma from a breeder in the area. Emma's mother became suddenly ill 2 1/2wks after giving birth and sadly was lost. Emma was then rotated in with another Newf who had given birth a few days earlier and partly bottle fed.
The photo is from the first time we got to go visit her at 3weeks old.

Here Emma is 5wks old

This if from Emmas fist day home. The pink flower in her hair is from our stop at Petsmart on the way home to pick up her food.

Emma trying to keep up with Zeke

This is a photo from the water works day that we took her to. We are hoping to train for her first title in Water Rescue.

As always a goof at heart :)

Emma also LOVES the snow.

Asking for a T.R.E.A.T

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Lilly we got as a kitten from a vet office that takes in unwanted kittens. Lilly's litter was from a farm where they were going to be put down. Thankfully the kittens were able to fine homes through the vet. Lilly has been a wonderful addition to our home. She is very dainty and quiet. Quite a bit more aloof than Lumpkins. Lilly loves toy mice, boxes, bags, slippers, counter surfing, eating my plants, catnip, anything soft to sleep on, checking ones breath when picked up, shredding paper, and the occasional drink from the Forbidden Fountain (aka toilet. Here I thought I only had to worry about the dogs)

This photo is to fun! How I managed to get both the cats heads looking my way is beyond me!

One of Lilly's favorite games is to walk, all cute like, around the room and then run off if you try to pick her up.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mr. Lumpkins

Next would be Lumpkins, who we got as a kitten from a family out in the country. We think he may have some Norwegian Forest cat in him as he sheds his long coat in the summer but grows it back in the winter.
He has always been very forward, and people orientated,

Also very brave,
Silly, and troublesome!

Lumpkins loves the piano. He discovered through a gap in the piano that the keys moved the inner mechanisms and loves to sit and watch them move. He also enjoys making arrangements of his own on the piano, at the best times of night. My personal favorite was the day we had a Bible study at our house,we were wrapping up and as we were praying, Mr Lumpkins became inspired with a tune that he decided must be shared. Haha. Yes he freaked out all those who didn't know I had a musically inclined cat. It was so funny, the looks on their faces!

His favorite pass times now are sleeping, and eating. He has turned into a wonderful lap kitty!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I thought it might be helpful to introduce the Fuzzies that live here. I shall start with the oldest. This is Zeke (Ezekiel) and he is a Border Collie/ Golden Retriever mix that I rescued as a puppy.
He was the last of his litter to find a home. He recently turned 8yrs old! He is very obedient and smart. His favorite toys are tennis balls, which he loves to obsession! I have not found a toy yet that he couldn't destroy. He was an only dog for most of his life till we got Emma. It has been an adjustment for him but he enjoys having her to play with! His favorite game with Emma is 'chase me'. :)

This is the day I brought him home. Zeke is 8wks old here
Here Zeke is about 11wks old!

I took this photo while playing a bit of soccer with Zeke. He is about 4 months here

These are some of my favorite photos of Zeke

Zeke Loves the snow.